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Dan in CA


Check the Python GPIO info at:

Look under the Example Usage section at the bottom of the page to see how to set the pins for input/output.

To get the Rain sensor state to show on the OpenSprinkler home page you just need to set the var = 1 for rain sensed, = 0 for no rain.
EDIT: Scratch that. It needs more to make it work. I’ll let you know when I have the correct incantations.
OK. I added +’,rs=’+str( to one of the script lines (~426) in the class home: definition. Now if you check “Use rain sensor:” on the Options page and have = 1 it will show “rain detected” on the home page and all stations will have a strike through. Bit it does not actually stop the stations from running – yet. I’ll work on adding that to the next update.