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Hi aradke,

Thanks for the post.

My setup is OPSi with wifi, as mentioned router is the AirPort Extreme (AE).

Using the Airport Utility via my iMac I have successfully set up port forwarding for another device and was able to verify it was open using The difference is the device is connected to the Airport Extreme via ethernet connection.

I am try to do the same thing with the RPi using its wifi connection to the AE. Using the Airport Utilty I am able to add the RPi, its IP address, mac addr, and port number using the same method I set up the other device (that’s port can be seen as -open- on

At this point I can’t see the RPi on even after I changing it to port 80 and the other device to 81. (I can see the other device on under port 81)

Think I am pretty close to success, but need a few more clues.