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I do not have an Airport Extreme, but some googling did find some documentation about port forwarding:

Section 2 is talks about the port forwarding configuration, but don’t skip section 1 to define a static address.

Here is Section 2:

2. Setup Port Mapping on the base station.
AirPort Utility > Select the base station > Edit > Network tab
Click the "+" (Add) button under Port Mapping.
Public UDP Port(s):

Public TCP Port(s):

Private IP Address:

Private UDP Port(s):

Private TCP Port(s):

Click "Save"

My Notes:
– You can Ignore the UDP ports, since we are talking TCP to the device.
– The Public TCP port is the port you use externally such as on the site.
– The private IP and TCP Ports is what you use to talk to it on your local network.