Sorry to hear that. Here are my suggestions:
– Use a multimeter to measure the resistance between +5V and GND (there are multiple +5V pins, any of them is fine). It should be around 4.4 to 4.7 kilo-ohms. Also measure VCC to GND resistance, should be around 100 kilo-ohms. If not, it seems there is a damage somewhere on the board.
– If the resistances are correct, the problem is more likely with your 24VAC transformer, or the connection. You can use the multimeter to measure the *AC* voltage of the two wires of the transformer. Then make sure the wires are plugged into the screw terminal with good contact, and that you’ve plugged it into the ACIN port, not the COM port.

Let me know your findings. If the board is damaged or DOA, you can contact OpenLab for a replacement.