So just to be clear…

Load Raspian – I’ve done this and it’s working properly

Load Interval program – OSPi.py – I’ve done this and made the modifications to make it run automatically.

When I browse to I can see the interval demo:
Refresh Options Stations Programs Log

Firmware version: 1.8.2
Device time: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 14:56:35 GMT+0:00
Program Preview Stop All Stations Run-Once Program

Station Status:
garden: (closed)
lawn: (closed)
side: (closed)
S04: (closed)
S05: (closed)
S06: (closed)
S07: (closed)
S08: (closed)

Operation: on
Raindelay: off
Rainsense: n/a
Water level: 100%
Log: n/a

Now my last question is: Should apps like SprinklerAce and the Mobile Opensprinkler app just work?

The interface presented by OSPI.py seems a bit clunky, although functional. I’ve tested that I can manually turn on each GPIO port.