The IP your trying to use is a local IP (,, and Since Ray’s server is outside of your LAN the app cannot ever reach your sprinkler (hence the constant spinning).

Sorry for the confusion. I completely understand why it’s confusing. Lets just focus on you installing my mobile app. The only computer you will interact with is your Raspberry Pi. SSH or login to your Raspbian and install apache, php, and git (like the instructions state). Then you will copy the files in using git (instructions on Github).

After that point you should be able to launch the app by going to your Raspberry Pi’s IP on your machine (doesn’t matter if its a desktop or mobile device).

Example: (notice no port is defined because Apache uses the default HTTP port which is 80).

Now you should be presented with an install screen which helps setup the rest of my app. This WILL ask for your OSPi’s IP and in your case it will be: Just to explain: is a loop back IP that every machine has. It lets you access services. The port 8080 is what your interval program uses.

Hope this helps.