Getting closer.

I get the loop back IP idea now. However it’s still not working.
So I went into the sprinklers directory and deleted the config.php file so that it would start as a new config.

I browse to and can see the interval setup page. It seems to work fine. See this image:

Then I browse to and get to this page:
[attachment=0:8ybxrqiy]New Install_Page_1.jpg[/attachment:8ybxrqiy]

I fill in the loopback IP with the password I used and try to submit/save and it pops up a quick message in a box saying that the config cannot be saved.

Then i tried and the config saved and took me to the login page. I log in and I’m back to where I was before. The status page is blank and I can’t control the system

BTW, I check the config.php file and is indeed saved in the sprinklers directory.

What am I doing wrong this time?

Thanks again,