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Hey Guys,

So I downloaded the ospi2 preconfigured Pi image from Ray’s and re flashed my SD. I updated OSPi as per the instructions in Dan’s post on the wiki, all went OK.

Using Samers android app I was able to connect. I noticed there is now a button in the station options page which allows you to select to “Use Master” for a particular station. Either this wasn’t visible for me before, or I just plum didn’t see it. Once I flagged the station to use the master.. it actually outputs the required voltage. Then toggling that station turns on the master as well.. double checked the voltage and it looks right.

Now that I’ve reflashed though, the software from the image comes with manual mode enabled. Samers android app isn’t allowing me to disable this. I hit the toggle to switch it off and it just goes straight back to ON. I’m def connected to the site with the default password “opendoor” and this hasn’t been changed.