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Thank you for the feedback. In regard to the password error I understand your point and will see what I can do to clarify this in the future. Right now the password error likely has nothing to do with a password. When doing AJAX requests, the error code can get masked as 0 which makes it somewhat of a guessing game. In the past, the issue was typically related to the password being incorrect when making changes to the device however I see how confusing it can be when no change is made and an error about password appears.

Again, I will take a look at this to see what can be done to clarify it.

In regard to the program interval it simply means how long to wait before running the program again. The firmware anticipates this for every program and the only way you can run each program “once” is to extend the interval to a duration equal to a day since programs are a daily event.

The symptoms you describe relating to the settings not being saved sound like an old copy of OSPi. Can you please update and let me know if this fixes your issue.