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And here I thought I was being super inventive using the housing of my Hunter irrigation controller 😉

There was a bit of sweet revenge here as this housing belonged to the 2nd Hunter X-Core Solar Sync controller I had purchased. Both failed after appx 8 months — I guess they couldn’t take the Texas heat.. I gutted the housing, ripping out the controller but salvaging the 24v ac adapter for use with the OSPI.

The Hunter controller was screwed into and elevated off the back of the housing with 4 plastic mounts. The OSPi just barely did not fit with the door closed so I trimmed down the plastic mounts with my dremel & a plastic cutting blade. I used epoxy putty to adhere a rectangle of thin aluminum (water heater pan salvage) to the plastic posts and drilled holes into it to match up to the mounting holes on the OSPi casing. For the sake of space, I had to toss the custom box for the 24v adapter that hid the A/C connections/crimp connectors and served as a mount. Instead I mounted the AC/DC converter block with adjustable UV/Outdoor rated zip ties and mounting bases/squares. Next time I’m at HD (and I remember) I’ll pick up some more waterproof/silicone wire nuts to replace the crimp connectors on A/C wires and some sort of wire clamp to go on the sprinkler wire at the bottom inside of the housing to relive stress on the connectors.

    RPi: $43.41 + 0.00 Ship (Amz Prime)
    Edimax Wifi Dongle: $10.87 + 0.00 Ship
    OSPi: $65.99 + 4.99 Ship= 70.98
    24v AC Adapter: $0.00 Salvage
    Outdoor Weatherproof Housing: $0.00
    Total Cost: $125.26 vs $161 (incl tax) for Hunter controller

Pretty good deal if you ask me… I mean, how many sprinkler controllers have you seen out there that you can watch H.264 movies on?