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I’ve had intermittent issues where the RPi would become not be running and would be unresponsive to ssh. Sometimes a physical power cycle would recover it’s normal OSPi operations, but sometimes it would just not even reboot. After swapping out SD cards a few times – with different SD card sizes and speeds – it didn’t seem to make a difference.

In my original configuration, the temperatures of the RPi’s CPU would be in the 65C – 80C range. In tolerance, but… …I still suspected a heat issue. My RPi is mounted on the OSPi board and both are mounted under the clear plastic cover, and that’s mounted in an unventilated box. In hind-sight, that seemed the most logical problem…

So, on the main enclosure, I drilled a 3-inch air intake hole at the bottom-side and a 3-inch exhaust vent adjacent to the OSPi on the opposite side of the main enclosure. I’ve removed the clear plastic cover from the RPi and the OSPi main board. I’ve added a 3.5″ muffin fan as an exhaust vent.

I’ve been running the fan for about a week now and the RPi’s CPU temp has been in the lower 40’s. Best of all, the RPi has not stopped once over the last week, except for a 24-hr rain delay!

Finally, WOW! 😮 The latest interval program and web apps are fantastic! I am always impressed with what people can do with software. Good Job Everyone! 😀