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In preparation for my OSPi, I’m trying to figure out how to do the mechanical installation. I’d like to mount it outside, have a well shaded spot selected, and was planning to use an Orbit 57095 or similar waterproof enclosure. I’m not too concerned with the Pi overheating, because it rarely reaches 90F here, and doesn’t stay that hot for long when it does.

There’s an “exterior” AC outlet nearby, but having the cord from the OSPi “permanently” holding the outlet cover’s door open seems like a bad idea, even though the spot is relatively sheltered. I know this isn’t really an OSPi question, but can anyone tell me what the appropriate solution is? Should I cut an outlet shaped hole in the back of the waterproof enclosure, install it over the outlet, and seal the resulting joint with silicone? Should I replace the existing outlet cover with something else?