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Hi all,
intercede for updates from git (with git can not handle yet), but I somehow wrote a plugin for sms, pressure, email, and lcd display. Currently doing the update so that i will send sms with command update (sms system receives and updates from the git dan, that I always current system – fixed at a distance). I would also like to see the web interface of a button to check for updates. When you click on the key can be previewed window changes or corrections, and then I clicked on the update.

For example, for my sms plugin need another system tools (gammu python). For lcd display (LCD library for I2C …

I would be happy if they were somewhere plugins (dan git?) centrally.

They would not bother me as a user to download all the plugins always with updates.

I would welcome the plugins menu a button that would plugin permitted or prohibited, without having to manually change the permissions. Thank you all for a great job on OSPi. Sorry for my English