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This morning it happened again. On program 5, start time at 00:10 and stop time at 00:10.
I’ve tried to change the stop time back to 08:10 but on web interface (now at 1.2.0b) I cannot save the correct value: I entered the 08:10 in the stop field and saved but the 00:10 value was still there after re-entering the program. After this, it was not possible to save anything with the web interface; after changing the value and pressing “save”, the wait-I-m-processing symbol appears and remained there, hanging for some minutes. I tried this 2-3 times

I finally set the correct value by the mobile app (1.2.0).

The rest of the programs were not enabled and n° 5 was the only one active.

I’m sure I did not alter anything in the program 5. Being conscious that could be me/my gestures to cause the problem, I took extra care in observing my gestures and the behavior of program 5.

This time the OS was turned on and off many times, because I had to work on the electrical system of the garden.
I will try to turn it on and off again to see if I can reproduce the problem.

I’ve checked it again with mobile app: is back to 00:10.