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Hi Ray,

I am still having this problem of the controller locking up. It happens every second day or so, I know this because when it freezes the date and time on the display also freezes. Sometimes when I cycle the the power on the transformer it comes back on but 50% of the time the display does nothing when I cycle the power. I have it connected to my router by Ethernet and I can see that when it is turned on and the display remains blank that there is power going to the PCB ok as the RJ45 socket LED’s light up (but there is no connection possible through IP). I have also been able to measure the 5.02 Volt and 3.28 Volt on VIN and VCC to GND. I don’t believe that this is a power issue or an LCD issue.

I have taken some pictures for you and at the same time removed and re-seated the two IC’s. Again when I powered it up it would not work first go. After about 5 times of turning on and off it powered on correctly.

What are the next steps to get this to work?