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Thanks for the reply.

1.5.7 is required for the yun.I had hoped to use the yun, as i was going to trying setting up Node.js interface. However, I tried an earlier version of the IDE with uno and it compiled no problem. However, i still think i borked the bee somehow while trying it out with the yun yesterday. When I plug the bee into the uno, the computer refuses to recognize the device until i switch the bee’s power source to “external” or unplug the bee from the uno. If I add a +5v, the board i can get the ide to recognize the board, but the program stalls at (i think):

Serial.println("Hit 'A' to turn on sprinkler and 'Z' to turn off sprinkler 1");

I’m wondering if the L1 got burnt out. It got very hot yesterday with the yun.


@ray wrote:

‘Serial’ is Arduino’s built-in library. I’ve not used Arduino 1.5.7. I suggest you download Arduino 1.0.5. There may be compatibility issues betwen 1.0.5 and 1.5.7. You can have multiple instances of the Arudino program/folder.