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@ray wrote:

@rhc: if I understand correctly, you can activate sprinklers in manual mode, but in program mode it does not run, is this correct?

There are several potential reasons that could cause this:
– First, check the controller’s homepage and make sure it is not disabled because ‘Operation’ is set to off, or because ‘Rain delay’ is on.

Checked and all is supposed to run

@ray wrote:

– Next, check your programs and make sure they are not disabled (each program can be individually set to enabled or disabled).

Yep, all are enabled

@ray wrote:

– Keep in mind that due to the way program matches are detected, if you restarted the controller during a program run, or switched it from run-once or manual mode back to program mode during a program run, that program will not run again. This is because a program is only scheduled when the current time passes through the program’s start time.

No, that isn’t it. The system runs fine for a few days, automatically running the programs as it should. Then, with no external influences, it simply fails to open the valves. The system “thinks” it is running the program, at least on the web interface, but the valves aren’t operating.

@ray wrote:

– Also, check the LCD status when a program is supposed to be running, do you see any .oO animation on the station that’s supposed to be on? If not, then the program has not been scheduled, possibly due to the reason above.

Will check that on tonight’s scheduled run. It all works fine when I manually run the program, so I’ll have to wait for the schedule to cycle again.