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I use Dan’s/Ray’s Interval Script to control sprinklers at home and Salbahra’s script to control over the web.

In Salbahra’s scripts, I know that the sprinkler system reliably stops on rain (making a call you the Yahoo weather API) The other morning though it ran when it was 27 degrees and was reported at 27 degrees.

I am not sure what the function of location is in the Interval Script. I reviewed Dan’s GitHub and didn’t find location except in Javascript calls and in the field definition.

My Questions:

    Does Salbahra’s script turn off on freezing temperature as well as rain? It looks like it should, but it didn’t.
    Is there some way that the Interval Program might have conflicted with Salbahra’s?
    Would I be better off to go ahead and add a rain freeze sensor than depend on the Yahoo call?

I just want to make sure I do what’s best so I don’t have ice on the sidewalks, etc. BUT haven’t had great success with rain/freeze sensors.

Thanks to Ray, Salbahra and Dan for their great contributions!