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Dan in CA

Hi Mike,

Hopefully Samer will check in with an answer to your question about temperature with his app.

As far as the location feature in the Python program, it has not been implemented so far. I included it in the options stuff since it was part of Ray’s original code.

Also, I had not implemented the rain/freeze sensor functionality because there was not a connector for it on the original OSPi board. It has been added now to support the new Beagle Bone Black version which does have a connector for a rain/freeze sensor. I also see that Ray is planning a new OSPi version that will have that included.

It would make sense to have a sensor to adjust your system for your local conditions. You have probably seen Denny’s post on the subject:

I am looking at the options for more advanced automatic weather based irrigation adjustments. That was my original motivation for getting involved in this project but I would like to develop something that can be used world wide. I use a drip irrigation system which makes it fairly easy to determine how much water is being applied during each watering cycle. That information needs to be included in order to make accurate adjustments.