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think moving forward it’d be better to fix the bugs in 2.0 than reverting back. Furthermore, 2.0 offers some new features including logging support for the mobile app. I will take a look at the program preview and see what I can fix however just to clarify, is it just the preview thats wrong or are the programs running incorrectly in 2.0?

Yes, using the newest version is definitely the preferred route. I think some of the programming screen issues I saw were related to my (so far unsuccessful attempts) to get the Apache SSL reverse proxy working. As for the display I do believe the stations are functioning sequentially, at least they did this morning. The preview sometimes looks right and others not so much.

These are the programs:

This is the corresponding schedule preview for today (an even day) This actually looks right, the Programs show running in sequence right after another.

Tomorrow (an odd day) it’s not looking so good. According to the schedule, on Friday it should be Programs 1,2,3,6,7. However on this day it only shows program 1.

On Saturday the 14th we should be back to Programs 1,4,5 just like today but the screen shows all the stations coming on at the same time.

For all of the above programs, the mobile Android app shows them perfectly sequenced lining up with the schedule like they actually run.