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Fantastic! Thanks for doing that!!

One little thing I’m running into, I was already running on 8080 for OSPi. The git update said something about dependencies so I did a git stash then git pull. Now the OSPi webpage is not availible, and Samer’s program says system disabled.. help?

Here is what I get:

pi@opensprinkler ~/OSPi/OSPi $ sudo python
Starting main loop
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1008, in
File “”, line 1003, in run
return web.httpserver.runsimple(func, (‘’, port))
File “/home/pi/demos/OpenSprinkler Pi/software/demos/interval_program/OSPi/web/”, line 157, in runsimple
File “/home/pi/demos/OpenSprinkler Pi/software/demos/interval_program/OSPi/web/wsgiserver/”, line 1753, in start
raise socket.error(msg)
socket.error: No socket could be created
pi@opensprinkler ~/OSPi/OSPi $