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@salbahra wrote:

That actually exists and is referred to as the water level and can be adjusted from 0-200%.

Sorry I haven’t read your whole post been a busy afternoon and will hopefully digest it more later but it sounds like you have got everything working now!

Samer – Yeah, I figured this out just now looking at the Device Settings page. Given this, how difficult would it be to add a subroutine to check for evapotranspiration info? If that water level parameter is stored in a file, would it possible to set up a small cron job to alter the parameter in the settings file once a day? I would guess that a Python program would be capable of doing so, or it could be added to the interval program. Would changing the parameter in the file impact the interval program (i.e. would the interval program update its stored water level value by loading it from the file, and if so, how often does it do this)?