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Hi Dan,

As someone who followed your install instructions in the exact order presented, I just wiped out my program and station data (DOH!) because the backup step is AFTER the tar xvf step.

Can I make a suggestion?

Put the data directory OUTSIDE of the regular OSPi, making upgrades a snap and allowing people to keep their data in tact without the extra step. I imagine as this gets more popular, this will be a more persistent problem. Seems easy enough to fix with an ENV variable to point to a well-known data location and have the program copy the data there on the first run if nothing is around, otherwise use the data files from that location and never copy them again.

I would also suggest a full reboot as part of those steps, because I noticed that my history logs weren’t displaying the web app after I upgraded, nor was I able to edit station data until I did this. Just FYI on what I saw.

Thanks as always for everything you guys are doing! I love showing this off to my friends and family. They’re all amazed when I start the sprinklers from my iPhone. :mrgreen: