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Dan in CA


I am looking at ways to make updates easier and appreciate your feedback. I’ll add the reboot step as you suggested.

There have not been as many bug reports lately as there were early on so the program seems to be getting fairly stable. However, some of the configuration files in the data directory have required updating, especially in the 8/01/13 revision. I’m starting to add some user requested features and that will probably result in changes to some of the files in /data. I don’t see that keeping them separate would be an advantage at this point.

I will be updating the documentation in the wiki:

and plan to include the README in the distribution with updated instructions.

Each update has its own set of modified files and I will try to list them in the readme and the announcement posted here on the forum.

It might be good to extract a new distribution to a temp directory and then move just the modified files into the existing installation.

I’m open to further suggestions on this.