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A couple of odd things I noticed. As I described to Samer in another post, I had some weird corruption of the snames.txt file which was showing 24 stations in the web app (but not in the interval program). It seems that the webapp enumerates the stations based on the snames.txt listing, but the interval program does this using the number of extension boards field (?). In any event, I’m not sure what caused the snames.txt to become corrupted and list 24 stations when I only have a single extension board (and thus 16 stations).

A second issue is that the port field in the options page does not allow me to change from 80 to 8088. Despite this, it seems to be working fine (because I force the port to be 8088 via the python command in the rc.local file, as you so nicely detailed).

Thanks for all of your work on this!