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@salbahra wrote:

@craigmw I can confirm this feature works so there is probably something configured incorrectly. The best thing to do is to use the program preview for guidance. Make sure the program interval is greater than 0. Make sure if you are using multiple programs with the same start time that the selected stations don’t overlap between programs. Maybe give us some generic information on how your programs are setup and we can help further.

Samer – Wow, you are quick! I think I’ve figured this out. Previously, I had three programs two of which that started at 3:30 (end time at 5:00). One of these programs was set to run for 4 minutes on all stations, and the second was to run 4 additional minutes on two stations. A third program was set at 14:00 to run two stations. The two programs set to run at 3:30 did not show up together. I could see the events at 3:30 all from one program (on the 9 stations), and the events at 14:00 (on 2 stations). Note that the three programs I had scheduled ended up in reverse order (due to a previous bug).

So, within your webapp, I deleted all three programs to redo this and it now works fine. I set up Program 1 to start at 3:30 AM (end time at 5:00 AM) to run all 9 stations with 4 minute duration and 1439 minute interval (to run only once daily). Program 2 was originally set for 3:30 to 5:00 AM to run only on two zones that need extra water, 4 minute duration and 1439 minute interval, and Program 3 from 14:00 to 14:30 with 4 minute durations and 1439 interval also to run on 3 stations that need more water. This time, I could see that Program 1 and Program 2 were interspersed, with the two stations in Program 2 showing up interspersed with Program 1 events. So, I adjusted the duration for Program 2 to 8 minutes, and now I see Program 1 and 2 events interspersed with 4 minute durations for 7 stations, and 9 minute durations for the two. Program 3 shows up with events at 14:00.

So, I think I get the logic now. If you want different times per station, you need to add programs with an incremented program number on top of a base program (e.g. Program 1). The additional program(s) need to have the intended duration set… the events in additional programs scheduled concurrently do not add time to the “base” program. So, it seems that this must be calculated on the fly (e.g. as the schedule is running, or in the Preview Programs page).

It would be amazingly cool (and far beyond what is currently out there from my understanding), if the calculated durations could include a multiplier (e.g. duration * multiplier) where the multiplier could be 0 to 2 (e.g. 0 to 200%). A daily call to an internet weather site for location specific evapotranspiration info could be used to set the multiplier based on precipitation, humidity, wind, temperature, etc. This would be far more refined than just having the programs turn off when the Rain Delay is flagged manually.