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Hey guys,

I did the update today but after doing so, I’m seeing this error in the output log:

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ tail -f error.log
File "", line 644
for i in range(incr):
IndentationError: unexpected indent

Line 644 in (with context) looks like this:

def update_scount(self, qdict):
"""Increase or decrease the number of stations shown when expansion boards are added in options."""
if int(qdict)+1 > # Lengthen lists
incr = int(qdict) - (
for i in range(incr):
for i in range(incr): <
Line 644
snames = data('snames')
nlst = re.findall('['"].*?['"]', snames)
ln = len(nlst)

That line seems to have TABs instead of spaces on it, but trying to reset that to spaces didn’t fix this error for me.

This is a straight pull from the git repo you recently setup (thanks for doing that! Love the simpler updates now!).