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Dan in CA


It looks like there is a problem with OSPi/data/options.txt file on your system.
It should look like the following:

var opts=[
["System name","string","name","Unique name of this OpenSprinkler system."],
["HTTP port","int","htp", "HTTP port (effective after reboot)."],
["Location","string","loc", "City name or zip code. Use comma or + in place of space."],
["Time zone","int","tz", "Example: GMT-4:00, GMT+5:30 (effective after reboot)."],
["Sequential","boolean","seq", "Sequential or concurrent running mode"],
["Extension boards","int","nbrd", "Number of extension boards"],
["Station delay","int","sdt", "Station delay time (in seconds), between 0 and 240."],
["Master station","int","mas", "Select master station"],
["Master on adjust","int","mton", "Master on delay (in seconds), between +0 and +60."],
["Master off adjust","int","mtoff", "Master off delay (in seconds), between -60 and +60."],
["Use rain sensor","boolean","urs", "Use rain sensor"],
["Normally open","boolean","rst", "Rain sensor type"],
["Water level (%)","int","wl", "Water level, between 0% and 250%."],
["Enable logging","boolean","lg", "Log all events - note that repetitive writing to an SD card can shorten its lifespan."],
["Maximum log entries","int","lr", "Length of log to keep, 0=no limits."],
["Ignore password","boolean","ipas", "Ignore web password"]

Check it and let me know.