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Hi Dan,

That has fixed the preview for today and the recurring waterings but brought another rather unusual one in.

When first accessing the front page it jumps to tomorrows preview until you click on the ‘today’ or ‘prev day’ buttons.
Also tomorrow’s waterings show as empty and everything after tomorrow is shifted back a day. I.e. program 4 in my example is every 2 days, today (Monday), Wednesday, Friday, etc, but the next watering shows as on Thursday, Saturday, etc. I also just noticed that program 5 which will run tonight at 8pm (4pm here now) doesn’t show on today, but it is shifted in the future like program 4.

If any of that doesn’t make any sense let me know. I’m also happy to email you more screen shots, etc if that helps rather than posting lots more to the forum until it’s all sorted if you prefer.