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salbahra: There isn’t anything preventing that and in fact, the overwriting of existing delays was intentional. The idea was that as long as it’s still raining, we might as well push the rain delay out to whatever it’s set for that condition. So if I have it to set a rain delay of 48hrs on rain, then because the script is constantly overwriting the delay setting, the timer won’t start until it stops raining.

Now that I write it down, however, I am realizing that there could be a problem with that approach: If you have condition A set to delay for 48hrs and condition B set to delay for 24, and A hits first but then the weather changes to B, the delay will be changed to 24 hours even though you might still want it at 48 because that original condition did occur.

Perhaps it should be set to only overwrite the rain delay if the new delay is higher than the existing one. What do you think?

As for integrating into your application. By all means. I will also look into writing a script to resolve the WOEID, if it’s not too complicated.