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Good to know there are more people with same deployment scenario and rain delay concerns.
In my case I’m watering my grass (2 valves), backyard flowers (1 valve) and vegetable garden (1 valve) with the pensprinkler DIY set (1.42u with 1.8.3 firmware)
When it rains, I manually set the raindelay through the web interface. From some months ago I need to expand the automatic watering to the small front yard of my house, but this area is mostly covered by the porch and needs to be watered without considering rain delay.

Im afraid there it won’t be any update for <2.0 HW versions anymore (right?) so I'm thinking the way to control the frontyard valve independently. My first approach, the easiest in terms of effort/benefit, is to do it throught crontab in a home linux server (my raspberry pi I use for another project) which will periodically set a one time program the web API of opensprinkler to set a run-once program or a manual activation-deactivation. Obviously it's not that easy, since any of this operations would require to previously deactivate the rain delay (if set) or go to manual operation mode during frontyard watering. In other words, I would need to control the logic of raindelay from my linux server for all the valves, not only the porch one.

Could you suggest me any idea to address this problem?