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just confirmed that my rain sensor is in fact the Hunter Mini-Clik

Just checked the spec of this and it should work with OS. I suppose it’s normally closed.

No rain (self-test button not depressed): closed circuit — almost 0Ω reading between the wires
Rain (self-test button depressed): reading between 4 to 5 MΩ between the wires

This sounds good.

I re-checked several times, tested by connecting to the screws on the plug, as well as on the raw wires (green plug removed), and I was always getting 4-5MΩ reading.

I didn’t quite understand this: do you mean that when it’s connected to OS, it always appears as open circuit (i.e. 4-5Mohm reading), even when you don’t press the self-test button? Because it’s normally closed, it should be almost 0ohm when self-test button is released. I can’t imagine how connecting it to OS would affect this.