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Thanks for the info.

I should’ve known about the trying to refresh the web page after making a change. My fault for not trying that.

I have the “Normally Open” box off, which is what I thought it should be. I don’t remember if the box was checked or unchecked when I first started it up; I went through a couple of rounds of checking and checking the box. Thanks for confirming that it should be unchecked.

That’s the piece I was missing. I didn’t realize it stopped the whole program from running. I guess I was used to the old analog RainBird controller I had; you tested the rain sensor by pushing it down. Which shut the system off, then when you released the plunger it would immediately activate the system again. Right now I’ve got the Rain Sensor enabled again. On the web interface it’s in the “Rain Detected” state. We’ve had a fair amount of rain the past few days…and we’ve got rain in the forecast for rest of the week as well. So it may be a week or so before it dries out enough to see if it changes states.

Thanks for the help and I’ll report back probably sometime next week.