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Now that I understand the way it works that is fine by me. In fact I prefer that it stops the program cycle all together when it detects rain.

Having the rain sensor in series with the COM wire was the way it was hooked up to the old RainBird controller before that controller died. I prefer using the dedicated rain sensor port.

So….now for a little update.

We didn’t get the rain today that was predicted; so when I got home from work I checked the webpage for my OpenSprinkler. And it still said “Rain Detected”; which seemed odd because it had been warm and sunny pretty much all day. I refreshed the page a couple of times just make sure..and cleared the cache just to be on the safe side….but it didn’t change. So I pulled apart the rain sensor; so there would be no pressure on the switch; and the rain state still didn’t change. Next I rebooted the controller…and it still showed “Rain Detected” on the web page. So this is now new….I can’t get the rain state to clear at all. I go in and check to make sure the rain sensor is plugged in tightly to the controller…and it is. So I spend the next half an hour trying various things; check the “Normally Open” box and then uncheck, reboot…it is not doing anything like it should. I get it to work once…and then and go to repeat it and it fails. I’m about ready to give up on the rain sensor all together when I decide to go back to the basics.

Back to trouble shooting 101…..first thing check the cable. The end’s are good…follow the cable around and hmmmm…..this doesn’t look right[attachment=0:3j2rce1b]rsz_img_20140618_173538_565_2.jpg[/attachment:3j2rce1b]. A chipmunk(at least I’m pretty sure it’s a chipmunk as I’ve seen it in the garage before) has chewed a section of the wire completely away! 😮 Hmmm……no wonder things aren’t behaving the way they should. So I run a new wire from the controller to the rain sensor and proceed to test it….and everything works beuatifully 😀

Bottom line…too many new variables and not doing the basic steps in troubleshooting. I appreciate the quick response’s and the help.

Thanks again!