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Update 1: I never asked but would do you think would be a better max range for run-once?

I generally use the ‘run-once’ program for non-routine drippers that operate for longer time periods, eg. 3-5 hours. However I agree the graphical slider range can’t really be expanded much beyond the current range for the reasons you mentioned. However it would be good if a number is manually entered into the field that exceeds the range of the graphical slider that the number still sticks (ie. overrides the graphical slider) and the slider would only come back into play if the user chooses to slide it – hopefully that all makes sense! 😉

Noting that this limitation also currently truncates any programmed durations greater than 50 when a program is selected from the pulldown menu to ‘run-once’.

Update 2: The second bug should be fixed now.

Looks good, thanks for the prompt fix!