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I’m running Vista Home Premium, Java 1.7 update 40, have the USBtinyisp installed and know it is there because it shows in Device Manager only when the OS is connected. The OpenSprinkler is v2.0 (May 2013), s/w version 2.0.0. Because hosting the js files on the SD card is not supported before 2.0.3 (according to salbahra), I am trying to upgrade the s/w version. I downloaded and extracted the Firmware Updater In folder osFirmwareUpdater/windows I see file osFirmwareUpdater.exe.
But when I plug in the OS to USB, the updater does not run. The screen immediately illuminates with no characters; after about 1 second, it shows the date with “Connecting…”, which then changes to “MC:__________________” after several seconds. If I hold down B2 when plugging in the USB (which is the instruction for 2.1, not for 2.0), the screen reads “Reset all?” after about 1 second, and that remains until I power off the unit. But the Updater never runs. If I try to run the osFirmwareUpdater.exe file, with or without OS plugged in, the User Account Control pops up, so I know something is happening, but the Updater just closes immediately.