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From “” I use the link to “OpenSprinkler Firmware Updater 2.0 (for OpenSprinkler Hardware 2.x only)” to download the file “” to a subfoler in a folder on my desktop:
Desktop folder “Equipment, manuals, etc”, subfolder “OpenSprinkler”. When the download has finished, the file is 39,248 KB.
The .zip file contains two folders, “_MACOSX” and “osFirmwareUpdater”, and two zero-size files with the same names.
The “osFirmwareUpdater” folder contains several folders, of which one is “windows”; the “windows” folder contains two folders and five files, of which one is “osFirmwareUpdater.exe”, 388 KB, which is what I have been calling “the Updater”.

Lot of information, probably much more than you asked for. Thanks for the help.