ah just what I was looking for thanks..

seems nothing special you done to the ubuntu image other than preload your test software and the interval/gcal programs?

Ive installed watchdog, ntpd, replaced apache w/lighttpd, added ‘rtc-ds1307’ to modules and added the following to rc.local

# Set Date from Internet and if fails load RTC
ntpdate -b -s -u utcnist.colorado.edu
if [ $? -ne 0 ];then
hwclock -s
echo Setting system time from RTC
hwclock -w
echo Writing internet time to RTC

I just got the interval program installed and the mobile gui running in lighttpd so I am ready to roll come Tuesday when the mailman drops off my OSbo, awesome.. thanks, hopefully I wont even need the test tools.

I also made /tmp, /var/log, and /var/run tmpfs file systems to save some writes.