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I too need programs that allows stations to have specific run times. “Quick programs” would work if I could save them and schedule them. sprinklers_pi almost works as well but I need all 16 stations (and I don’t have a master/pump). Alas, I’m left a little unhappy so far but I think this is only a software limit. It seems like the OSPi implementation is being held back by Arduino limitations. I think we could build a much better user experience if offload some meta data to the raspberry Pi and break compatibility with opensprinkler/arduino.

Proposed Changes:
– Programs with station specific run times
– Long Zone Names – Zone Descriptions (a whole paragraph for some yards/zones — think garden and bubblers)

Other Crazy Thoughts for Somebody with Lots of Programming Chops:
Automatic program “breaks” (if enabled). Every x min in a program pause for y min (let it soak in and avoid unnecessary run off.
Alternative graphical mode – User supplied google maps png of their yard. Sprinkler hot locations are placed interactively or via image program and the software extracts the stations and lets the user provide the meta-data about that location. The graphical interface could be used for all tasks, manual runs and programming programs.