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@mstormo wrote:


Awesome software! I just replaced the “dumb” box (a Hunter X-Core, 8-zone) with sprinklers_pi, and it feels liberating!

A couple of questions:

    1. How do you cancel a Quick Schedule? Rest System on the Advanced page? 😆

    2. How about showing how long a manual zone has been running on the main page? Right now it just says –:–

    3. How about taking “tomorrow’s” weather into account as well? I’d hate for it to run a full soak on my lawn when there’s 80% of a Thunderstorm the next day. (I live in Houston Texas, it pours here!)

Again, thank you for your efforts!

1. An easy way would be to cycle the Run Schedules button on the main page.
2. That’s a good idea. On the TODO list.
3. So many people have such wonderful ideas for how to handle the weather. It seems that I should probably make the weather system more easily pluggable module so that people can do what they want. Also on the TODO list.