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@jonathon wrote:

I don’t know where you got that IP address, but I’m using, as indicated in Rich’s screenshots, and it works 1/10 times, but I don’t get Comms failure messages.

I was getting a ‘Bad response from Wunderground’ and the IP I got pinging presented two other options (switching). I was also trying to use the Melbourne airpot PWS (YMML) so all combined it wouldnt work.

Changed ip to the 30.102… Added 90210 to the P/Code (just to avoid ‘0’ and yet staying with PWS) and changed the PWS reference to another close to the airport IVICMARI2 and together this seems to work.

Very happy as I have just installed this onto the OS that comes with XBMC, this unit will be my Media Centre in my back yard and also do the sprinkler control, should be a nice efficient and valued combo.

Thanks Rich.