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@Rexel99 wrote:

I was getting a ‘Bad response from Wunderground’ and the IP I got pinging presented two other options (switching). I was also trying to use the Melbourne airpot PWS (YMML) so all combined it wouldnt work.

When I ping, it resolves to an akamai cluster host (, which I doubt would work. When I use that IP (, I immediately get an ‘Invalid Response from WUnderground server!’ response. Changing back to, it takes a few seconds before it comes with the same error, which is really starting to peeve me off.

Ahh. The problem could be with the PWS I’m trying to use. IWESTERN153, the one I was using, but now give an invalid response, does show current info on the web site. IWESTERN136, does give a valid response, and that is displayed in the diagnostics page. Only problem is, their rain gauge shows either 0 or gives wild readings, so it’s no use. One mystery solved. Time to go looking for another nearby PWS with a working rain gauge.

At least I now know it wasn’t my modifying the script to display decimal figures, as I just upgraded to 1.0.7, and was getting the same error. Now to go modify the 1.0.7 files.