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I’m in Mexico hoping to pick up my OS Pi system next week. My watering system is at a “weekend” vacation home; I’m getting big water bills. I’m trying to reconcile my water meter readings with sprinkler usage. Air in the city lines is a known problem, nor can I discount leaks or unaware consumption somewhere.

I’m about to go to the municipality and donate to them a better air valve and meter with pulse output. That will allow me to put a data logger on the meter; it would be way cooler if the PI could log the pulses directly..That would make it easier to correlate the watering cycles with the consumption, have the data available via the net, etc.

I don’t have a lot of time to dig into the code…will try…for now I submit as a feature suggestion… Debugging water consumption, like power, is going to be a big deal…The pi has all the capability…. Another cool feature would be the ability to log actual flow from a sensor on a line. For instance, incoming municpal water branches to two lines, you’re trying to troubleshoot consumption to one of the lines, need to log on each line…