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I just got my system setup and I am impressed with the software. I am using a relay board to drive the valves directly. So far it has been working fine. I am having trouble keeping the application running however. I have had to restart it twice in 24 hours. I checked the log but there is nothing in there useful. Is there a way to increase logging to see what is causing the crash?

Also, we have had a a couple cool days this week which caused the weather adjust to not run the schedule at all. It would be great to see in the log that the weather caused the schedule to not run. Right now it doesn’t log anything. I modified the Weather.cpp file to adjust the temperature by a factor of 2 instead of 4 so the schedule would run. (50 degrees is -80% added to the humidity adjustment equaled -100%)

Finally, on the log what is the Y axis? Would it be possible to make that gallons of water? If you could specify in the zone setup how many gallons per minute each zone uses the graph could do a calculation to see how many gallons were used.