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Hi Richard,

thank you so much for sprinklers_pi! This software is fantastic! Especially the automatic timer adjustment based on values provided by wunderground is a huge improvement over common on/off rain sensors. I’m interested a lot in this part of your program. So far I’ve found the formula in weather.cpp, however I don’t understand how this formula has been put together. If you could share your insights… I’m asking because slight modifications or even 2 distinct formulas might be useful. I use a micro irrigation system in my garden. My potted plants are on different circuits than those planted directly into the soil. Soil in pots tends to dry out faster (less volume, the pots are porous, etc), therefore I believe it would make sense in a fully automated irrigation system to take into account at least two formulas for different evaporation factors, one that kicks in sooner than the other. If you would comment on the formula, I’d have something to work with.

Btw, I already made a french translation of the webif and I could make a german one, too. If this is of any use, let me know where tho send the translated content.