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Hi Richard,

I have installed your program and it works very well. However, as I live in Mildura ,Australia (zip code 3500), your program doesn’t accept my zip code. I read somewhere that it require 5 digit zip code. Can you please amend your code so it can start accepting zip code from other regions as well other than USA / Canada.

Also , I am not programmer but when , I open your weather script , it relies on yesterday’s rain amount, wouldn’t be it is useful, if it checks current condition or condition within 6-10 hours and than decide on adjusting watering time / flow.

Another , addition would be if system can get data regarding heatwave and update frequency of water based on number of hot days , would also be effective.

These are my suggestions. Also please let me know, once you update weather script , so it can accept any zip code from around the world.

Looking for future upgrade.