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Impressive project!

One question: I just posted a topic on integration of the solution into a home automation project. Would it be a big theme to send out UDP packets? I would want to have:

– watchdog == alive signal with current status (id of controller, state of valves attached/output channels) that allows other devices to see it’s there and mybe request data
– action == any time an action is taken (valve close/open) a package should go out and a waiting period of a few ms shall take place to allow for “re-schedule” or similar command to be sent to the controller
– action done == after the action is taken, a packet shall go out with infos
– request data of the last x hours (actions taken) to allow a device that was switched off to collect “lost” data

More here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=799

Thanks for your work & time!