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give us some source code on github so we can contribute!!! 🙂

The source code is part of the distribution on page 1. I have been playing with it. I can get more than 7 zones, but can’t activate above #9. I also have an issue save data for zones over 9. There are a few constants that need adjusting and must be another I am missing. A debugger would be great to break on where I am having issues.

I would like to add a seasonal adjustment too. I have found that setting very useful on my Rainbird.

I’m not sure what you mean by seasonal adjustment, but I believe you can control the watering “budget” using the Water Level field under the device options page. This can also be adjusted using the web app, which is really handy if you have an iPad, iPhone or Android. I love being able to turn on and off different zones while testing my sprinkler setup remotely using my Android phone. Also, I have the expansion board and have not had any problems with scheduling or activating zones 9+. That’s an interesting issue.