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ogtommy: they should not run at the same time. They should run sequentially. When you go to the Manual control page, can you turn on each individual zone by itself? If not, you may have a wiring problem or you may not have configured the software to use the opensprinklersPi hardware under the settings page. (or I’ve got a bug!)

eddiek2000: Getting to 9 zones is pretty straightforward (just setting a constant I believe). Beyond that I’ve got to change all the web pages and the corresponding logic because they communicate through form data with z1-z9 being the individual zones. Beyond 9 it doesn’t work. Easy fix, but it’s in a bunch of different places. However, there’s another limitation a bit farther out. At (I believe) 12 zones, we run out of space in the structure for the schedule, so it can’t be saved. This is a bit of an anachronism in that the code was ported from an arduino based sprinkling system, and I only had 2k of EEPROM space, so I had to use it wisely. Seems a bit silly in the raspberry pi world. Quick fix would be to simply move things around in the settings file to allow for a full 15 zones. Longer fix will be to go to a more user-friendly settings file format. I have this at the top of my to-do list, but I’ve been pretty busy the past few weeks. I should be able to get to it this week for sure…