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For you guys who want to pull data from your personal weather station, you may be able to do that by entering “pws:XXXXXXXXXX” in the ZIP field on the settings screen. (where XXXXXXXX is your personal station ID).

I have not tried this, but the code appears to place the ZIP directly in the HTML query field. There are a number of different query formats, listed below and in the link. You may need to change the ZIP field type from numeric to text in web.cpp, etc. and then rebuild.

Here is the format for the query field from wunderground API documentation. I think you could enter any of these query strings in the ZIP field if it is stored as a string.

The location for which you want weather information. Examples:
CA/San_Francisco (US state/city)
60290 (US zipcode)
Australia/Sydney (country/city)
37.8,-122.4 (latitude,longitude)
KJFK (airport code)
pws:KCASANFR70 (PWS id)
autoip (AutoIP address location)
autoip.json?geo_ip= (specific IP address location)